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Benefits of Oracle AI and Machine Learning for Enterprises

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Oracle's AI-powered business apps are a flexible and powerful way to manage complex IT operations. Oracle has industry-specific and cross-industry domain knowledge. Oracle is proficient in ten key operational business processes. This helps it to make decisions that are best for business needs. Oracle AI can automate existing processes and learn new ones. To see how Oracle AI can help your business, download the latest Oracle AI whitepaper.

Machine learning

Oracle offers AI and ML software and services for enterprises. These services enable companies to build and deploy machinelearning models. These services can be powered by Oracle Cloud. Customers can use the Oracle AI platform to AI and ML, and also benefit from a wide range of platform, infrastructure, and cloud services. The AI solution is a gamechanger for enterprises. It can help businesses adapt to new situations and remain competitive in uncertain economic times. Here are some benefits of Oracle AI/machine learning services.

artificial intelligence newspaper

Adaptive intelligent apps

Oracle's new adaptive intelligence apps are designed to aid businesses in making informed business decisions and improving the customer experience. The company has already unveiled a beta version of these apps at an event on modern customer experience, and is expected to announce more about the technology soon. They can be used for other aspects such as customer service and product selection. This overview shows some of the latest capabilities of Oracle's technology.

Best Candidates feature

At Oracle OpenWorld, experts in the human resources space discussed how AI can help HR recruiters find the best candidates for specific job openings. Employers can use artificial intelligence to manage sensitive HR information. This is in addition to helping recruiters identify the top job candidates. Oracle senior vice president of application development Christopher Leone discussed the new AI-powered data intelligence capabilities that are available in Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud. The Best Candidates feature is one of the new cloud-based services.

Predictive analytics

Oracle offers a range of AI solutions that businesses can use to protect their networks and businesses. These solutions include predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and more. These solutions use Oracle EBS data for predicting incoming threats like cyber-attacks. These models' results can be accessed immediately. Machine learning algorithms allow analysts to detect potential cyber-attacks early and take preventative actions. This article will briefly outline some of these applications.

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Self-correction processes

Machine learning can automate accounting ledger reconciliations. This technology can identify mistakes and fix them automatically. Machine learning also has the advantage of being able to analyze a large volume of legal documents. It is also faster than humans and can complete repetitive tasks with very few errors. It can scan and quickly read large amounts of documents. Machine learning is also useful for accounting because it can perform many calculations.


Which countries lead the AI market and why?

China leads the global Artificial Intelligence market with more than $2 billion in revenue generated in 2018. China's AI industry is led Baidu, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Tencent Holdings Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Xiaomi Technology Inc.

China's government is heavily involved in the development and deployment of AI. The Chinese government has established several research centres to enhance AI capabilities. These include the National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, the State Key Lab of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, and the State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment.

Some of the largest companies in China include Baidu, Tencent and Tencent. All of these companies are working hard to create their own AI solutions.

India is another country which is making great progress in the area of AI development and related technologies. India's government focuses its efforts right now on building an AI ecosystem.

How does AI impact the workplace?

It will change the way we work. We'll be able to automate repetitive jobs and free employees to focus on higher-value activities.

It will enhance customer service and allow businesses to offer better products or services.

It will enable us to forecast future trends and identify opportunities.

It will enable companies to gain a competitive disadvantage over their competitors.

Companies that fail AI adoption will be left behind.

Which industries use AI more?

The automotive industry was one of the first to embrace AI. For example, BMW AG uses AI to diagnose car problems, Ford Motor Company uses AI to develop self-driving cars, and General Motors uses AI to power its autonomous vehicle fleet.

Other AI industries include insurance, banking, healthcare, retail and telecommunications.

How does AI work

An algorithm is a set or instructions that tells the computer how to solve a particular problem. An algorithm can be described in a series of steps. Each step is assigned a condition which determines when it should be executed. Each instruction is executed sequentially by the computer until all conditions have been met. This is repeated until the final result can be achieved.

Let's say, for instance, you want to find 5. It is possible to write down every number between 1-10, calculate the square root for each and then take the average. It's not practical. Instead, write the following formula.

sqrt(x) x^0.5

This is how to square the input, then divide it by 2 and multiply by 0.5.

Computers follow the same principles. The computer takes your input and squares it. Next, it multiplies it by 2, multiplies it by 0.5, adds 1, subtracts 1 and finally outputs the answer.


  • That's as many of us that have been in that AI space would say, it's about 70 or 80 percent of the work. (finra.org)
  • The company's AI team trained an image recognition model to 85 percent accuracy using billions of public Instagram photos tagged with hashtags. (builtin.com)
  • Additionally, keeping in mind the current crisis, the AI is designed in a manner where it reduces the carbon footprint by 20-40%. (analyticsinsight.net)
  • In 2019, AI adoption among large companies increased by 47% compared to 2018, according to the latest Artificial IntelligenceIndex report. (marsner.com)
  • According to the company's website, more than 800 financial firms use AlphaSense, including some Fortune 500 corporations. (builtin.com)

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How To

How do I start using AI?

An algorithm that learns from its errors is one way to use artificial intelligence. This learning can be used to improve future decisions.

To illustrate, the system could suggest words to complete sentences when you send a message. It would analyze your past messages to suggest similar phrases that you could choose from.

However, it is necessary to train the system to understand what you are trying to communicate.

Chatbots can also be created for answering your questions. So, for example, you might want to know "What time is my flight?" The bot will reply that "the next one leaves around 8 am."

If you want to know how to get started with machine learning, take a look at our guide.


Benefits of Oracle AI and Machine Learning for Enterprises